How to recognize a fake diamond

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Know the weight

First of all you need to know the weight corresponding to 1 carat (Cm = metric carat) which is equivalent to 0.20 grams, then with the help of a precision scale weigh your stone, taking into account that a 1 ct diamond weighs 0.20g while a zircon weighs more than double!

But BE CAREFUL not to confuse it with the carat (Kt) which is the fineness of precious alloys.

Glass test

Even if the diamond is mounted on a ring, on earrings or on a pendant, try rubbing it on a glass plate in order to scratch the glass. If it is authentic, the diamond will never suffer any consequences (scratches or breakages).

"Remember that diamonds are the hardest stones in the world"

Test the sandpaper

Get a sheet of abrasive paper and rub it on part of the stone, the diamond will never suffer any scratches unlike zircons and other gems.

Newspaper proof 

This is undoubtedly the fastest and simplest test, within everyone's reach and without being expert jewelers.
Place the loose diamond on a sheet of newspaper or the page of a book.

Place the stone directly on the text table side down (i.e. with the point facing up) and then look at the diamond.

If you can see all the lines of text or if the text is enlarged into the stone, you are not in possession of a real diamond.

Because real diamonds refract light and cannot be used as a magnifying glass.

The latter is one of the easiest ways for spotting a fake diamond.

Light test

Using a small bright light from a flashlight or other concentrated light source (laser), try shining the light through the stone.

If you can see through the other side, you are not in possession of a real diamond. If it were a real diamond, you should only see a halo around the stone.

Breath fogging test

Due to its natural composition, diamond is an excellent conductor of heat, so try breathing on the diamond, if condensation appears, then your diamond is fake.

Dual tester tests diamonds and moissanite

If after having carried out all the tests described above, you want absolute certainty, we recommend that you purchase a professional tester that tests diamonds and mossenite ( a natural stone very similar to a diamond ) which gives you certainty in just one second whether the stone examined is a diamond, a moissanite or an imitation stone.

For a correct test the tip of the instrument must rest perpendicularly on the largest face of the stone.

The test can be done on stones of any carat weight, mounted or not. For more information on the tester click here .

Contact us at any time for any doubts or curiosities you may have, we will try to answer you as soon as possible!

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