It is possible to purchase in our online shop in different ways:

Wire transfer - The bank transfer must be made no later than 7 days from the date of purchase. Once the 7 day limit has been exceeded, the purchase order will no longer be considered valid and all items will be put back on sale.

If you choose to pay via Credit card, we offer a highly optimized payment page thanks to Stripe technology, a financial institution with undisputed reliability in online payments, because it complies with all the most important existing security systems such as TLS, 3D Secure, PCI-DSS.

If you choose Paypal as a payment method you also have the option to pay in 3 convenient monthly installments, so during the order you simply have to choose PayPal as the payment method and you will then see the installment payment functionality automatically in your PayPal reserved area.

Mark - The purchase will be completed upon payment of the goods. In the event that the goods cannot be delivered (buyer not at home, lack of information or incorrect information on the shipping address, etc.) a second delivery attempt will be made totally free of charge by the courier, but if not even the second attempt of delivery will be successful, the package will remain in storage for 7 days at the courier's office. From which the buyer can go and collect the package directly from the courier's office within 7 days. If the package is not collected within 7 days, it will be returned to the sender.

Cash on delivery payment is not valid for shipments outside Italian territory.

If there is missing information in the shipping address,OmniaOro® will try to contact you through the data provided (email or mobile) to obtain that information. This may cause a delay in shipping.


OmniaOro® undertakes to ship the purchased items within 2 working days from the date of purchase, via DHL, GLS or Poste Italiane courier. In case there are no problems related to the shipping address (incorrect or missing information).

OmniaOro®reserves the right to delay shipments during holiday periods (e.g. Christmas) or in the event of special communications to customers made within this site. In the event that the ordered goods are no longer available for particular reasons,OmniaOro® will contact the you (via email or mobile phone) communicating the possible delay in shipping. At that point, you will be able to decide whether to continue and complete the purchase, or whether to request total reimbursement of the expenses incurred. For shipments outside Europe, customs duties are paid by the buyer.


OmniaOro® guarantees the right to withdraw, for any reason, from the purchase made on our website. This rule is valid only for purchases made at a distance, where the buyer could not view the product previously. To exercise the right of withdrawal it is necessary to send, within and not later than 14 days from receipt of the goods, a communication in which the intention to withdraw from the contract is expressed. By law, shipping costs will be borne by the buyer.

Once this time limit has been exceeded, it is no longer possible to return the items.

The right of withdrawal DECAY TOTALLY if the returned product is not intact, that is: lack of the original packaging, absence of integral elements of the product (accessories, warranty, instruction manuals, etc.) damage to the product for reasons other than transportation or if the purchased items have previously been personalized with engravings.

Product return procedure

Send within 14 days from receipt of the goods (the delivery date is certified by the courier waybill) an email to the following will:

Willingness to exercise the right of withdrawal, description, brand, model and quantity of the goods.

Wait for the authorization to ship the material.

Provide, using a courier of your choice, the shipping of the product carefully packed in its original packaging complete with all accessories, instruction manuals and everything originally contained.

Insure the shipment against theft and damage caused by transport and pay the related costs.

If the returned product has not been insured for the value indicated on the invoice, in case of damage or loss during transport, OmniaOro reserves the right to charge for any damages sustained by withholding them from the sums to be reimbursed.

Indicate the sender details on the packaging and send the product to the following address -Cristinziano- Via F.P. Garofalo 23, 71032 - Biccari (FG) Italy.

Upon arrival of the package in the warehouse, the product will be examined to assess any damage, tampering and presence of all the parts (the substantial integrity of the returned item is an essential condition for exercising the right of withdrawal).

OmniaOro will proceed, by bank transfer, PayPal or any other method of payment, to the reimbursement relative to the cost of the goods, not before the receipt of the goods.


If you wish to receive the purchase invoice, you will have to communicate it in advance to the following e-mail:, fornendo il codice univoco, il codice fiscale e l'indirizzo di posta elettronica certificata.

We remind you that from 1 January 2008, in addition to the VAT number, the tax code is also required.


OmniaOro® reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time, with or without notice.