OmniaOro is an Italian company specialize in 18Kt 750/1000 jewelry

An indispensable element that guarantees authenticity is the 750 brand engraved on all OmniaOro jewels.

The jewelry we sell are "Made in Italy" selected with extreme dedication by the best Italian manufacturers.

Our "mission" is based on total customer satisfaction, pre-sales and post-sales assistance are essential. For any problems that may occur on our jewels, these will be fixed or replaced for free.

We pay great attention to keeping market prices always between most convenient.

All our jewelry are supplied with guarantee certificate, an elegant packaging and invoice.

OmniaOro® is a registered trademark distributed by:

Momenti Preziosi di Costantino Cristinziano

Legal residence: Via Fuori Porta Garofalo 23 - 71032 Biccari (FG) Italia

Enterprice number: 0800016825 - VAT: 04057310718

Phone: +39 0881 030200