When you buy OmniaOro jewelry you are entitled to the Lifetime Warranty.

OmniaOro pays great attention to full customer satisfaction, because when you buy an OmniaOro jewel, you can be sure of buying a precious jewel made entirely in 18 Kt Gold and therefore of absolute value. For this reason we protect our customers with the Lifetime Warranty.

The Lifetime Warranty is valid in the event that the following problems occur to the jewelry you purchased:

- Breakage / loss of a stone

- Breaking the chain of a necklace or bracelet

- Spring break or closure defects

- Breakage of the ring shank

The Lifetime Warranty is not valid in the following cases:

- Accidental breakage of a coral pendant/earrings

- In the event that the jewel has been modified by a technician external to OmniaOro.

* An essential condition to benefit from the Lifetime Warranty service is to show us the warranty certificate you received at the time of purchase.