When you purchase an OmniaOro® jewel you are entitled to a Lifetime Guarantee.

OmniaOro® pays a lot of attention to full customer satisfaction, because when you purchase an OmniaOro® jewel, you have the certainty of purchasing a jewel of fine workmanship entirely in 18 Kt Gold and therefore of absolute value. For this reason we protect our customers with a Lifetime Warranty.

The Lifetime Warranty right is valid in the event the following problems occur with the jewelery you purchased:

- Breakage/Loss of a stone

- Breakage of the chain of a necklace or bracelet

- Breakage of the spring or defects in the closure

- Ring shank broken

- Oxidation of jewelery due to contact with external agents

The Lifetime Warranty right is not valid in the following cases:

- Accidental breakage of coral earrings or pendants

- In the event that the jewel has been modified by a technician external to OmniaOro

*An essential condition to benefit from the Lifetime Warranty service is the warranty certificate you received at the time of purchase.

Procedure for exercising the Lifetime Warranty

Communicate via email to info@omniaoro.it or by telephone at: 0881 030200 your desire to exercise the Lifetime Warranty right.

It is also necessary to communicate the order number, name of the buyer, description of the defect, photo of the damaged item and quantity of items to be sent under warranty.

Wait for confirmation from OmniaOro® by email or telephone and follow the following procedure:

Ship the item carefully packaged in the original packaging and complete with all accessories, the warranty certificate and everything originally contained using a courier of your choice.

Insure the shipment against theft and transport damage and bear the related costs.

If the product has not been insured for the value indicated on the invoice, in the event of damage or loss occurring during transport, OmniaOro® declines any liability.

Indicate the sender's details on the package and send the product to the following address: -Momenti Preziosi- Via F.P. Garofalo 23 71032 - Biccari (FG) Italy.

Upon arrival of the package in the warehouse, the product will be examined to assess any damage, tampering and presence of all parts.

Subsequently, OmniaOro® will proceed to send the repaired and serviced item free of charge.